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Let’s feed the orphans in Uganda

There is a place in the forests of Uganda, where 55 abandoned children live, far from settlements, in about 150 kilometers away from the capital.

In spite of their early age, these orphaned innocent souls have already experienced the painful taste of hunger, and although we see their huge lovely smiles in front of the camera, they rarely smile and their eyes constantly cry…their souls cry without tears, because life there is full of insecurity and sorrow and every single day is a struggle for survival.

These children wake up every morning surrounded by many others, who find themselves in this place for some unknown reason … but in fact their whole being is full with great sorrow and despair, because there is no mom and dad to hug them, to give them the so much needed for every little child love, care and protection – the first condition for a child to grow normally … they do not have it and will never do, because their destiny is a difficult life.

Their living conditions are extremely bad, as for a start they do not have even a clean water to drink and wash, and this is the reason to get often sick. The only food to fill their stomachs is the typical “posho” porridge, which is prepared from ground corn and beans, but there is not enough even of it for every day. The taste of fruits and vegetables is a luxury for them, and we can´t mention meat at all …

They live for rent in a kind of farm buildings without electricity, where they sleep closely intertwined, due to lack of space. All they have is a T-shirt on the back and many of them do not have even a pair of shoes.

Our ambition and goal is to be able to provide these poor and abandoned children with at least the much-needed daily ration of porridge, which costs about 2 levs / 1 euro per day per child, ie with 60 levs / 30 euros per month can provide food of an orphan.

Please help us feed them and help them survive.