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This children need your help this winter to survive! Heavy rain and snowfall and freezing temperatures are expected in the refugees camps near Adana (Turkey) this winter Last year they have caused floods that destroyed the tents of many displaced families. With temperatures dropping down to 0C, the victims of the floods were in desperate need of fuel, blankets, boots and clothing to keep themselves warm. Let us help them this winter, so they meet this conditions prepared this time.

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Syrian camp with 35 families (approximately 200 people) on the Turkish and Syrian border is facing freezing temperatures, floods and high levels of poverty this winter. There is lack of firewood for the tents to keep them warm and to cook food. They do not have any winter clothing and blankets. They face the possibility of health problems due to the low temperatures and worsening conditions.

We aim to provide 10 tons of firewood for the families to last them for at least 3 of the coldest months. Also we aim to buy blankets for all of the families and for most of the people winter coats and boots! The firewood costs 1300$ for 10 tons. For 100 blankets it would cost 1200$. A set of boots and coats for at least 100 people will cost 3500$. Total $6000.

We hope to ensure better conditions for the people to go through the winter months thus giving them a chance for better health by keeping them warmer in the winter. The project will ensure that children will not go to bed in freezing conditions and during the day they will have wormer clothes and boots.

Abdullah Ibn Amr (Radiallahu anhu) said: “The Prophet was asked s.a.w,‘Which aspect of Islam is the best?’ He said: “Feed the poor and greet those of whom you know, and those whom you do not know.” ► {Sahih Bukhari, Kitab Al-Iman, Hadith # 12}


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